Colorful Convoys & a Website Redesign

Today I am publishing a total redesign of the website and the addition of a bunch of Convoy host colors.

Starting with the redesign, it was expensive in terms of both time and money, but it had to be done at some point because the original design was inhibiting some aspects of the store. The new design allows for easier expansion in the future because it is more modular and modern. Also, it looks pretty darn sweet for a flashlight store. It works far better on mobile and it makes the shopping experience (hopefully) a little smoother. 

I made sure not to sacrifice functionality for the sake of prettiness, and this new design is actually more robust than the original. There are better sorting options and it can handle multi-variant products in a more consumer-friendly way. There are a few tweaks coming at some point in the future to make this new design even better, but I am happy with what we have now.

I now carry all the anodized colors for the Convoy S2+ hosts and I plan to carry them for the S21A when they are available. I have an orange prebuilt S2+ and if there is demand for colors other than grey, I will try to get as many prebuilt colors as possible.