Site Updates, Less Tracking, and More Products

Today I'm announcing a few important updates to the website and the addition of some new products.

Starting with the website itself, I've made some changes to improve the user experience and make the website more privacy-respecting, though I still have Google Analytics in place in order to make more informed decisions about which products to add or restock. It also helps me to diagnose user frustrations and fix them.

  • The most notable change is the removal of Facebook Ad tracking/analytics
  • I've made subtle changes here and there to the general UX
  • I've added Amazon Pay so you can now pay with your Amazon credentials
  • I've added Coinbase Commerce so you can now pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USD Coin
  • I've changed the Cart to a floating style cart, this may be reverted if people don't like it, or if it causes problems

In addition to technical updates I've also added new Convoy products including a few 21700 flashlight models, drivers, S2+ components, and new hosts. Some sold out Convoy variants have also been restocked.

I, the owner of the site, am currently in the midst of a family emergency, so the product updates were a little rushed. I will continue to update product descriptions to make them better, but if you notice a glaring error in a description please let me know. Rest assured that all orders will ship out as normal. I wanted to make sure I got these products onto the site because it's still so new and it needs more offerings.

Thank you for shopping!