The Master Plan

Today marks the launch of the site and the beginning of phase 1 of 3. I want to make this stuff public because I like to know the intentions of a company, so these are mine.

I created this store with the intention of providing US customers with a catalog of good enthusiast style flashlights. I was tired of not having a default store that I could consistently rely on to carry what I wanted while having good shipping times and good customer service. But the plan goes much deeper than that. Up until today I've been in a sort-of "Phase 0." Here's the rest of the plan:


Phase 1: Launch the store, focus on US customers. Use a small initial investment to get the ball rolling and make sure the whole idea even works. Get feedback and analyze customer behavior to improve the store in the early days. If people respond well to the store, then proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Continually reinvest profits into ordering a larger variety and quantity of products. Build relationships with companies. I'll use feedback from the store, Reddit, and forums to know what products the people are interested in. I plan on carrying a lot of products that are usually only available from China, or the less popular variants of popular lights (like neutral white or high CRI versions). Improve international shipping, if possible. This phase will be long, and it'll end whenever I'm satisfied with the state of the catalog and feel that it doesn't need to be updated for a while. At this point my energy will be directed towards Phase 3.

Phase 3: Use ongoing profits to fund the manufacture of a custom line of flashlights, designed by me, Michael Mohr. They will be sold through the (now mature) Mohr Lumens store, allowing the prices to be as low as possible. I think there is a pretty substantial lack of innovation in the flashlight market, and the brands who are innovating are usually not making true professional grade tools. I want to change that.