Purchase Terms and Conditions

Product Descriptions, Packaging & What's Included in the Box

We sell lots of products that come straight from the factory in minimal packaging, and that packaging will often be crushed or otherwise beaten up by the time it reaches us or the end user. This is to be expected, and it's how prices are kept low on lights such as the famous Convoy S2+. All products are protected in shipping, and if the product was damaged in shipping due to a failure of packaging, you can let us know via email and we will make it right.

Most of our products do not come with batteries. If it doesn't specifically say it comes with batteries, then it doesn't. Almost all of our products either take lithium-ion cells or are in some way related to lithium-ion cells. We are are not responsible for any damage or harm caused by our products or their interactions with lithium-ion cells. (see battery warning)

Battery Warning

Warning: Lithium ion batteries may explode or burn due to improper use. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by lithium ion batteries - use them at your own risk.

All rechargeable batteries have inherent risks under any circumstance. Use caution when working with li-ion batteries (lithium-ion), LiPo (lithium ion polymer), and any rechargeable cells (together "rechargeable batteries"), as they have dangerous charging characteristics and are known to explode or burn if mishandled. A purchaser and user of rechargeable batteries should educate themselves on rechargeable batteries, especially as to charging, discharging, assembly, and storage. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the misuse or mishandling of rechargeable batteries.

Legal Stuff

The above sections were put together as a courtesy, because we have had complaints of products not coming with batteries and some customers have made it apparent they are new to dealing with lithium-ion cells. We would like our customers to be informed and safe when purchasing from the store.

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